Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pin Lamp: PIMP

Besides throwing heavy balls from a great distance at it, the probably second best thing you can do with a bowling pin is make a lamp out of it. My latest lamp is called "Pimp" (PIn + laMP = PIMP).

I know that it is a very obvious thing to do, but sometimes, it just is really nice to do the most obvious. It also brought me one step closer in my eternal quest for "Is-there-anything-sensible-you-can-get-out-of-an-energy-saving-bulb-?"
For people in the audience that still think it is not good enough for my standards, then I can comfort you with that this "let-me-do-this-it-only-takes-2-seconds" project turned out to be a rather epic journey along un-drillable wood, multi layered armored plastic pin wrapping, finding a bulb that fits that shape and blood sweat and tears....