Friday, August 26, 2011


Hooray! My greenhouse is finished. It allows us to lengthen a late-summer dinner with several hours!

I got all front windows from a friend that replaced his own. The windows are 80 years old and in perfect condition (just some new putty around the edges and paint). My neighbour found the windows on the side. He found them in the inner city of Copenhagen next to an appartment block that is renovated (ooooold windows, my best guess is 1890). The doors are made from scratch. 
I like old glass, it deforms the things you see through it. According to my father in law, a light architect, the colour of the light is much better than modern double windows, so I think so too...

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Kim Carney said...

That is really lovely. Nice job! (you wanna come build one in my backyard?) ;)