Monday, December 21, 2009

In Memoriam

My Last Bulb
1880 - 2010

Bulbs are forbidden in Denmark from 2010 so therefore, I made a bulb memoriam.


borabora said...


Christopher said...

Fedt! Det er et godt lille weekend-projekt.
Det er virkelig en skam at forbyde glødepærer, når erstatningen er så frygtelig. Sparepærer.. Gys!

(Hint: Krystalpærer er stadig lovlige i 2010 og har samme lyskvalitet som den gode gamle)

Guus Oosterbaan said...

I think its a pity Denmark chose to "forbid". Maybe they just should have made the normal bulb 4 times more expensive than a power-saving-bulb so I at least could avoid turning a beautifully designed lamp into something looking really stupid (some lamps, like classic PH lamps, are designed because of the bulb; the bulb is an active part of the design)

my_hazy_tint said...

hi, I'm an editor of ELLEgirl magazine of Korea. I found out your blog and already saw your work 'In Memoriam'. Can I ask you more images of this work? I'd really like to feature your work in our magazine(in Febraury Issue). Please e-mail( me! thanks, :) -Joohee