Monday, November 16, 2009

Co-writers needed

Normal bulbs are forbidden in quite some countries. In Denmark, we are forced to buy energy saving bulbs from now on. I guess it makes a lot of sense fighting global warming (although I really don't like the "forbidding" part; I'd rather pay (quite some) extra and buy a few "normal" bulbs since some lamps simply need one).

Having bought a few bulbs, I realize that there is going to be a potential huge waste of my life-time since it takes the average energy saving bulb quite some time to get up to strength. This book deals with that. I currently have thought of one way to deal with the waiting time: do 10 push-ups ("Save the planet and get in shape").

I'm looking for co-writers to help me out getting another 100 great ways to kill your waiting time. Anybody?


René Vendrig said...

Lijkt me een prima plan. Ik vraag me af of het ook zal leiden tot de toename van het aantal mensen die in staat zijn blindelings handelingen te verrichten die je normaliter niet in het donker doet (en checken nadat het licht aan is of ze het goede uit de voorraadkast hebben gepakt).

Guus Oosterbaan said...

I tried a few LED bulbs but am pretty disappointed so far with the light they produce. I tried the spotlights that look like halogen, they really don't work. I didn't invest in the real expensive ones though, they'll probably do better...

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Omer Rosenbaum said...

Hej Guus
Letar du fortfarande efter nån att skriva?
Jag gör ibland DIY sakar med gamla grejer.

Anonymous said...

still looking?