Monday, November 16, 2009

Co-writers needed

Normal bulbs are forbidden in quite some countries. In Denmark, we are forced to buy energy saving bulbs from now on. I guess it makes a lot of sense fighting global warming (although I really don't like the "forbidding" part; I'd rather pay (quite some) extra and buy a few "normal" bulbs since some lamps simply need one).

Having bought a few bulbs, I realize that there is going to be a potential huge waste of my life-time since it takes the average energy saving bulb quite some time to get up to strength. This book deals with that. I currently have thought of one way to deal with the waiting time: do 10 push-ups ("Save the planet and get in shape").

I'm looking for co-writers to help me out getting another 100 great ways to kill your waiting time. Anybody?