Thursday, October 22, 2009

Urban carcass

Two months ago, a scooter was parked in the ally next to my house. Since then, it has been eaten bit by bit by vultures. Since I took this picture, it has lost the wheel as well. Obviously I should have taken a picture every day, but sometimes, you just don't feel like turning everything in your life into a project. I'll promise though that the next time I steal a scooter, I will make a nice diary

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Should I be worried?

I made this picture on an exhibition on Sustainability (environmental friendly architecture) in the Louisiana museum. I sincerely hope this was a practical joke of the exhibitors to make people think...

Financial crisis Denmark over?

The first time the financial crisis came really close to me personally when found an empty lego play corner in the Copenhagen airport. The Copenhagen airport won many prizes being the best airport and obviously, it should show all the good that Denmark has to offer in a nutshell. An empty Lego play corner told me that we were hitting the very bottom.

However last week, returning from a flight, I can bring good news: We are crawling out of the deep hole again; fresh bricks are piled up as never before!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mobile Phone for the elderly

There are quite some attempts to create mobile phones for the elderly of which I'm not especially impressed with. They are all about functionality, not about "having a nice chat".

Read the text between the *** if you want to know about my motivation to come up with my solution:
I recently have had the joy of actually borrowing such a phone, the Doro EasyHandle after my father in law simply had to give up. The number keys are big and easy to read and press and the volume of the ringtone is definitely loud enough. The display however is a mess. If you enter a phone number, it appears from the bottom right of the display. This obviously shouldn't be the case in a country where (especially old people) are used to write stuff from left to right. The rendering of the numbers is terrible (1 bit stuff, hard to read and poorly designed font; the only reason for doing this is cost, a good display is more expensive). When the phone number you enter exceeds 6 digits (which all numbers do) it moves the digits one line UP (this should have been down) and starts a new line from the bottom right again.
So here is my solution: use the interface that they have been using all their life. When you are 80 years old, you might have no interest in new functionalities; all you want is to have a cosy chat.

What you are looking at is a mobile phone adapter. It adepts the normal mobile phone interface to a known interface. Inside this phone, there is a normal Nokia mobile phone with a USB port. The dial dish can be used as normal. The normal power plug is used to charge the mobile phone inside. The reason to use this phone over a normal stationary phone is because it has become much cheaper to buy a mobile phone instead of a land-line. Another advantage is that it still easily can be moved around ("mobile"). And personally, I think this wonderfully designed phone might suit my design office pretty good! (and so it does)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Herb Table

Another summer to its end and time to spend a day inside while it’s raining cats and dogs. I found these pictures I took from my herb table. It serves fresh thyme (two flavours), oregano and mint to my hungry guests on cosy grill dinners. The table is an old door from my basement (which keeps surprisingly well through rain and snow (it is its third year outside).