Monday, August 24, 2009


Here is (are) Man-Y-Man, or at least, a prototype of it. This toy consists of 20 unique shapes that can either be used as head or body, which can be flipped vertically (so each piece is 2 heads and 2 bodies). This makes 1520 men!
Each head and body has its own name:
So combining heads and bodies, you have 1520 unique names. An example:

Want to know more? Drop me a mail.


Nico Kars said...

heeey this reminds me of an artwork of shapes. every shape was unique.
You could also make just one shapeperson. And just give it one of the 1520 unique names....

GothicDyslogy said...

Wow love the colors love they style it is pure music to the eyes. I really love the artistic collage of colors and shapes they could keep me captivated for hours. Thanks for letting me have the honor of looking and commenting. Good luck on your new product it's uniquely fabulous.