Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digital garbage collection

What would it mean if there was a company that collects digital garbage? The internet counts numerous old websites, old ftp archives, etc. that populate big server parks consuming loads of energy, what a waste (e.g. http://www.2atoms.com/links/links_worst.htm). Besides the energy consumption, those old files also slow you down while surfing over the internet.

You could collect your own digital garbage and put it in a trashcan and place it at the side of the road each Thursday, just like your normal garbage but then digital. Obviously files should be separated (like paper, batteries, glass, biological stuff, etc.) because we don't want to just burn everything because that would be environment unfriendly.

Could old digital files be recycled? Can they be used for anything?

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jsmtsethi said...

Just found your post when i searched for "digital garbage" on google.

The same query that you pointed out is something that i am curious about.

Any new revelations? :)