Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lunar Light

Lunar Light
100% recycled materials:

Skateboard wheels, an old adapter with dimmer, 2 wooden sticks and a 12 Halogen spot light and a huge amount of luck! (since all the parts, for some unknown reason, turned out to fit together as if they were made for it).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digital garbage collection

What would it mean if there was a company that collects digital garbage? The internet counts numerous old websites, old ftp archives, etc. that populate big server parks consuming loads of energy, what a waste (e.g. Besides the energy consumption, those old files also slow you down while surfing over the internet.

You could collect your own digital garbage and put it in a trashcan and place it at the side of the road each Thursday, just like your normal garbage but then digital. Obviously files should be separated (like paper, batteries, glass, biological stuff, etc.) because we don't want to just burn everything because that would be environment unfriendly.

Could old digital files be recycled? Can they be used for anything?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wonderful switch

User Experience, how to turn something invisible to a delight: old switches! I decided to make this lamp because of the switch. The lamp is basically a good-old-switch exhibition.

Old switches (this one from my former washing machine) are just better than new ones. They don't suffer from "as cheap as possible materials and no screws" production guidelines from current days models. They consist of many screws, solid and heavy plastics, small springs, proper joints, etc. Turning on this lamp is such a delight that I caught friends getting heavily addicted to turning it on and off continuously. When moving the button from the left to the right, you feel more resistance being built up because of the spring mechanism inside as going up a rollercoaster. And then it creates the most beautiful "c-l-a-c-k" sound (I'm considering to make a recording on put it on this blog) as closing the door of a very expensive BMW. When you reached this climax, the switch finnishes the moving-from-left-to-right travel by itself. DAMN THAT IS GOOD!
To celebrate the turning-on-the-lamp experience, I decided to spend a lot of money on a LED lamp that automatically changes colour, as fireworks on a happy new years eve.