Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's the difference

Once in a while it happens: you buy the wrong razorblades. For some very bad reason, there are many different interfaces of Gilette razorblades, meaning that for some (probably very commercial) reason, Gilette blade A doesn't fit on Gilette system B.

I bought 10 blades that were not compatible with my Gilette razor set and therefore, I went back to the shop in order to buy me a new set that could use the blades. For some (probably very stupid (something to do with marketing)) reason, there are no shaving sets for sale in Denmark that can actually use the blades I bought (I have asked in 3 different shops!)

I gave up. I gave into the bitter taste of commerce: I found myself in a situation wanting to buy anything that could turn my hairy chin into the sweet chin of a young god. The only shaving sets on display in the last shop were both of Gilette. They both were very expensive and more or less looking the same (in the end, they both remove hair from chins). I asked the helpful lady to explain the difference to me. She clearly wasn't sure and after studying the packaging carefully for a while, she replied, "well, this one is called "Power" and the other one isn't". "Right", I replied understandingly. Obviously she wasn't a user herself and therefore I gave her a chance to make up for this rather obvious answer. "Yes I can read that, but what is the difference since "Power" seems to cost me an additional 50 kroner". After another close study the lady concluded that "power" had batteries. It was getting late and we clearly couldn't turn this dialogue in something constructive (especially since I really wouldn't know what a razor blade could do better with 1,5 Volts of electric power mounted on it) so I thought: SHE IS RIGHT! That is the difference; one has a battery, the other one doesn't. That's how it is, not everything needs to make sense in life.

I left the shop without a shaving set but with a deeper insight in life richer.

Since even America seems to want to do something with the CO2 problem, COULD GILETTE STOP ADDING BATTERIES TO STUFF THAT DOESN'T NEED BATTERIES?!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Learn to read!

How many people that couldn't read picked up this DVD and learned to read?

Friday, November 21, 2008

fake texture?

Yesterday I saw this perfect hole in a brick wall. How was it made?

Monday, November 10, 2008