Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Very nice faces in the streets of Horta.

Wonderful Icons

I thought I more or less had seen the majority of toilet icons but I was wrong. I found those beauties in "Horta" (Azores). Without the letters "WC", they probably wouldn't look like a man, woman and a wheelchair. Quite fantastic.

Stuff you can do with a piece of wood (1)

Hereby, I would like to introduce a new series on this blog: "Stuff you can do with a piece of wood". Everybody has been in this situation: you are at home, all goes well but then there is all at once this piece of wood in your garage or shed. It is too small to really do anything with it, but you don't feel like throwing it away; it is still too good for that.
I'm planning to collect inspiring examples of what you could do with these pieces of wood. I found the fabulous example above on the Azores: the mail-box-blocker.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You like it... it likes you!!

I saw this on Pico (Acores). I have no clue what Tom-Maso is, but it made me feel really happy. I think I like it, so it likes me! Just to make sure you all are aware of this: it is a universal symbol of achievement (!)

SaSugar face

Nice job!

I saw this box in an airport cafeteria. It contains bags of sugar. The front of the box shows a pretty face. When it is opened, it creates a new face with a huge mouth. I hope this design was done deliberately. I also enjoyed the extra hat-add-on by the employees.