Thursday, November 22, 2007

Top Trumps currency converter

My latest cash cow idea:
the Top Trumps Currency Converter

How much more fun will playing a game of Top Trumps become when you finally get the chance of beating the shit outof Pavel Nedved with a pair of stainless steel siccors?

Or how about himiliating Cloe with a Korg keyboard?

Which programmer feels like helping me out here? The only thing we have to do is enter all Top Trump cards in some database and do some currency converting... Anybody?

Family fun, safety first

The last sentence says "Safe, runs on a 9 volts battery"

Good news...

Good news mam, my last baby tooth is out!

That's what happens...

And now some useful information for foreigners with kids thinking of immigrating to Holland: maybe wait with moving after the 5th of december since naughty kids are dragged ourof their classroom to be put in smelly bags and transported to Spain! (Now luckily in this case, they take the ugly (and most likely poor) kid, so no harm done)