Thursday, April 26, 2007


I started cooking too early. So after having cut all vegetables I put oil in my wok but didn't start the cooker and left the kitchen. After 30 minutes I returned and this skull was staring at me... Hell-wok.

Monday, April 9, 2007

What's in it?

Yesterday, I had to wait 15 minutes before my suitcase showed up on the conveyor belt in the airport. While waiting, this object kept on passing by, nobody seemed interested. The first few times it passed by, I didn't really take notice either but after my daugther asked "What's that?" pointing at the sealed suitcase. I started wondering... What can it be? What is inside? Is it supposed to water or air-proof? Why are the extra blue wires needed? Why is it left behind? What is that enormous barcode-label about? WHAT WENT WRONG??Go to belt number 6 on Copenhagen airport and find out yourself, it's probably still circling around...


The Copenhagen Airport has won several "Airport-of-the-Year" prizes in the past few years. Yesterday, I ran into their latest art project "Waterfall". The picture above shows the ceiling in a very narrow passway, the picture below shows the floor.