Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wonderful wonderful internet

One of the things I really like about the internet is having access to random information easily in order to get new inspiration, a tool used very actively in creative thinking.

At my work we make computer games for interactive television. Once we had to make a game with Scooby Doo as the main character. For the sake of the game-play, it would be best if Scooby would walk on two legs only (standing up). Cartoon Network was fine with the idea if only we could proof that Scooby performs this behaviour in an existing cartoon. I started searching on the internet for a Scooby standing on his back-legs and found the picture above.

The picture got lost on the internet though, "old stuff must go, yoo-hoo" (quote Dutch writer Kees van Kooten). Still, I think it's a loss that Scooby the donkey went so silent. Therefore I chose his picture (of all my random-pictures-database) to be on my blog, Scooby forever!

If Scooby reads this post, please give me a call, I would like what you are doing these days (do you use LinkedIn?)

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