Saturday, March 31, 2007

When does the madness stop?

We all know that we are fooled by advertising every day. We get promised all kinds of wonderful things that turn out not to be that wonderful after all (i.e. "shoe shelves", former post).

But now things run out of hand! The image on the left shows a game of memory (for innocent children). On the front of the box, you are promised wonderful imagery of smiling lions, yellow and green triangles and big juicy strawberries; FORGET IT! AINT GONNA HAPPEN! I found the cards that come closest by the front cover images. The strawberry is half as juicy, the lion doesn't look happy at all and the green triangle turns out to be red. For the private investigators under us, you might even have noticed that the two lions on the box not even are the same... WHERE DOES THIS END?! (No miracle the world is in such poor shape these days)


Ales said...

Mabye the company thinks people who need memory training in the first place won't remember what images we're promised on the box once it's opened and the cards are on the table, floor or whatever surface people prefer to play memory on (my personal favourite in the bathtub; drawback is it does tend to increase the wear on the cards so not for people on a budget!).

The fact that the pictures themselves aren't fully the same is really not that disasterous. As long as you can tell that they kinda look the same your suposed to figure out it's a match.

The company banks on the principle here that the consumer is not an art critic.

Or a ruthless designer..... :)

Guus Oosterbaan said...

One fine comment, thanks. Interesting though is that it takes additional energy and resources to create "new cards" on the cover (with the two difefernt lions as the climax!) Which publisher is interested in throwing money out the window like that? I didn't even mention that the remaining cards on the cover not even feature in the box! Maybe its to keep the serious memery player hungry for more...

Ales said...

Yeah, hadn't thought about the money aspect!

That's one publisher sacrificing cold hard cash for artistic integrity!

New! Memory Unique! Each picture hand drawn!

Hats off to the company that made this particular version of Memory!

However, judging by the picture, the box is pretty old and we probably can assume the company is no longer with us :-(

So much for artistic integrity...