Monday, March 26, 2007

Shoe shelves

When you see them in a shop you think: "How could I ever live without shoe-shelves, I need two at the least!". The image on the left shows our half-year-old shoe-shelves. I didn´t feel like taking another picture from the rest of our hallway, filled with shoes.

Shoe-shelves are a misunderstanding. The only type of shoes that fit on it are those worn out all-stars, not the fancy boots that need care and attention. The solid-stainless-steel looking shelves turn out to be highly instable, especially when packed with shoes. They are very flexible, meaning that if you try to put the final pair of shoes on the shelve, the shelve starts jumping up and down, throwing all shoes off...

If anybody has a good idea what to use already-on-the-wall-mounted-shoe-shelves for, please comment on this post.


René said...

IKEA I guess? I've seen the mis-use of these shelves at the IKEA-store in Amsterdam: They put them on top of a couple of base cabinets, with the higher side in the middle, so you could use it as a stand for books or magazines... Well it doesn't really solve your 'shoe-in-the-cabinet' problem, but it is probably the only usefull thing to do with the shelves. Good luck! (and if you are in search of a 'ikea-key' I can sent you one...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guus!

Damn, this is a very interesting situation, however it can be easily solved.

The problem is in fact that you have not been using special IKEA shoes with magnetic soles. If you use these, the shoes will automagically arrange themselves on the shoeshelf with a special 'zzzzinggg!!!' sound.


jeroen said...

maybe you can put a peace of paper on each of the two shelves with a nice drawing on it, like an apple on the one and a banana on the other.
And they could have happy faces!
So that, if you pass the shoe-shelves, you feel happy because of the cheerful fruits staring at you! :)

of course you could change the drawings every once in a while.

Jeroen Funke