Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mischievous Boy

Last week I was so lucky to find a handheld LCD game called "Tarzan" on a flea market. After opening the box it turned out that I was even more lucky; the original manual was included. The English translation of the Japanese manual turned out to be the most entertaining of all content in the box.

The player controls Tarzan who needs to get from point A to B. This all sounds pretty easy if not some opponent came in his way. The opponent is situated on top of the green rock (top right of screen). To find out who this person is and why he clearly is not interested in sharing his green rock with Tarzan I took a look at the manual.

So now we know who can be held responsible for Tarzan's death ("grounding"):

Mischievous Boy,

boy of mischief.

Using a magnifying glass on the LCD screen, I made an accurate copy of Mischievous Boy.

I wonder whether anybody knows what happened with Mischievous Boy. Does he feature in more games or did he choose to live a quite and peaceful life after this violent episode? To Michievous Boy: if you happened to read this post, please drop me an email, I have so many questions...

Stay tuned for more forgotten LCD villains....

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