Friday, January 19, 2007

Long life the friendly SmallLetterFriend people!

I my hurry to get it all online I forgot to mention that the "Koffie drinken met Ed" website was totally unusable of not I stumbled over this wonderful piece of freeware:
Small Letter Friend
Since the Koffie drinken met Ed website is 12 years old and saved and back-upped on various cd-roms from various systems (PC, Mac, PC again) all filenames were in capital letters. Since all links were in small letters and my web server is case-sensitive, the website didn't work anymore. The website counts over a 1200 files and renaming files is not my primary hobby; I considered the website dead. I use FireFTP (also just great by the way) in Firefox to upload and I couldn't find a "upload files in small letters" (I can recall such a function in WSFTP).

LONG LIVE THE FRIENDLY PEOPLE THAT CREATED SMALL LETTER FRIEND, The entire team behind the cunning "Koffie drinken met Ed" story is more than grateful!

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