Saturday, January 13, 2007


Having two young kids I now start to understand what marketing and advertising does to an average home: floors, cupboards, tables, any surface really, are covered with toys. The reason why you need such an huge amount of toys is because having just one Lego-set doesn´t make sense: you need to buy quite a collection before it gets fun. You don't want to be a bad parent forcing your kid only to play with Lego, so you have to buy Lego, Barbie, Brio wooden train, Hotwheels, Brats, you name it, and all of those in great quantities.

The solution would be that you could blend one brand of toys with the other, for example: Lego with Playmobil. Toy manufacturers are clever enough to not let this happen: a Playmobil hand can not hold anything made of Lego.

My solution: ADAPTISE!
Design toy-adaptors making it possible to use one brand with the other. Our Lego collection is not that large and it doesn't contain any train yet. Instead of buying more Lego, I made an adaptor.

I took a Brio train wagon and glued a standard Lego plate on top. This wagon turned into my son's favourite train wagon. Each time I make a new (Lego) top he is so happy. Besides trains, he now can drive around with aeroplanes, spaceships, animals, etc.

Now its a matter of keep on going making more toy-adaptors. If anybody feels inspired and wants to share thoughts, don't hesitate and comment on this post.

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