Sunday, January 28, 2007

Faces 3

One scary teapot grip, thanks peter

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Pissing Crocodile 1

May I introduce: the Pissing Crocodile
(Danish speaking)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007

Global Warming

Why can't we use the heat created by global warming as energy source?

Long life the friendly SmallLetterFriend people!

I my hurry to get it all online I forgot to mention that the "Koffie drinken met Ed" website was totally unusable of not I stumbled over this wonderful piece of freeware:
Small Letter Friend
Since the Koffie drinken met Ed website is 12 years old and saved and back-upped on various cd-roms from various systems (PC, Mac, PC again) all filenames were in capital letters. Since all links were in small letters and my web server is case-sensitive, the website didn't work anymore. The website counts over a 1200 files and renaming files is not my primary hobby; I considered the website dead. I use FireFTP (also just great by the way) in Firefox to upload and I couldn't find a "upload files in small letters" (I can recall such a function in WSFTP).

LONG LIVE THE FRIENDLY PEOPLE THAT CREATED SMALL LETTER FRIEND, The entire team behind the cunning "Koffie drinken met Ed" story is more than grateful!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog device

Does anybody know of the existence of a custom made blog device? It would be so nice to have a piece of hardware especially made for mobile blogging, so:
- Large colour (touch) screen (I guess the size of an electronic book)
- Pen input (so I can draw on the screen)
- Camera
- Keyboard (I'm still of the generation that thinks writing an SMS is quite an achievement)
- A bunch of USB connections
- Very long battery lifetime
- Wireless internet connection / Bluetooth
- Hard disk
- Did I forget anything?

The device should be tailor-made for blogging only, so no unnecessary features (I have enough trouble dealing with my mobile phone)

Koffie Drinken met Ed

Look what I found! My first website: "Koffie drinken met Ed" ("Drinking coffee with Ed") I got it working again and put it online.

In the past century, I created a website together with my nephew Niels. The website is an interactive commic containing over 400 pictures linked together. I think we lost track at a certain moment in time since our knowledge of how to set up and maintain a website was very small.

On each page, the reader has to click one of three icons to continue with the story. Have a try

Monday, January 15, 2007

My blog elements

Unimportant, yet amazing

Underneath the proove that electric powered cars not always need to look stupid.

After wasting 2 hours of my life converting this racing-track-car to a can-drive-anywhere-car, I realized that having racing-cars driving on tracks is not such a bad idea after all. This car manages to cross my living-room in a few seconds after which I need to collect it myself. I guess it keeps me from the street...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Alternative Pokemons 1

When I really have nothing better to do, I create alternative Pokemon cards. Objective is to make the Pokemon look as if he has no clue why he is on the card.


Having two young kids I now start to understand what marketing and advertising does to an average home: floors, cupboards, tables, any surface really, are covered with toys. The reason why you need such an huge amount of toys is because having just one Lego-set doesn´t make sense: you need to buy quite a collection before it gets fun. You don't want to be a bad parent forcing your kid only to play with Lego, so you have to buy Lego, Barbie, Brio wooden train, Hotwheels, Brats, you name it, and all of those in great quantities.

The solution would be that you could blend one brand of toys with the other, for example: Lego with Playmobil. Toy manufacturers are clever enough to not let this happen: a Playmobil hand can not hold anything made of Lego.

My solution: ADAPTISE!
Design toy-adaptors making it possible to use one brand with the other. Our Lego collection is not that large and it doesn't contain any train yet. Instead of buying more Lego, I made an adaptor.

I took a Brio train wagon and glued a standard Lego plate on top. This wagon turned into my son's favourite train wagon. Each time I make a new (Lego) top he is so happy. Besides trains, he now can drive around with aeroplanes, spaceships, animals, etc.

Now its a matter of keep on going making more toy-adaptors. If anybody feels inspired and wants to share thoughts, don't hesitate and comment on this post.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Always good to take pictures of objects that look like faces. I know, this has been done many times before but still... The picture above shows my cheese-slicer this morning on which, coincidently, one drop of coffee and one drop of milk were spilt...

I took the picture below last summer. It turned out that some mysterious carrot-man had moved in our kitchen window...

I guess the reason why I like the faces in the two pictures is because they exist(ed) because of me and my family's acts. Many objects have a face (our toilet looks very angry for example) but when a face exists because of your interaction with an object, it is nearer to you.

Mischievous Boy

Last week I was so lucky to find a handheld LCD game called "Tarzan" on a flea market. After opening the box it turned out that I was even more lucky; the original manual was included. The English translation of the Japanese manual turned out to be the most entertaining of all content in the box.

The player controls Tarzan who needs to get from point A to B. This all sounds pretty easy if not some opponent came in his way. The opponent is situated on top of the green rock (top right of screen). To find out who this person is and why he clearly is not interested in sharing his green rock with Tarzan I took a look at the manual.

So now we know who can be held responsible for Tarzan's death ("grounding"):

Mischievous Boy,

boy of mischief.

Using a magnifying glass on the LCD screen, I made an accurate copy of Mischievous Boy.

I wonder whether anybody knows what happened with Mischievous Boy. Does he feature in more games or did he choose to live a quite and peaceful life after this violent episode? To Michievous Boy: if you happened to read this post, please drop me an email, I have so many questions...

Stay tuned for more forgotten LCD villains....